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  • Delivers Results That Matter
  • Truly Cares About His Clients
  • Loves What He Does
  • Easy to Work With
  • Offers Thoughtful Insights

What Clients are Saying About Robert

I was fortunate enough to take an Exec|Comm public speaking class that Robert and his Exec|Comm colleagues led. He provided valuable and constructive feedback and was able to make significant impacts in one day’s time with myself and everyone else I had observed in the class.

A week after the class was offered, I was able to use the guidance that Robert had provided and delivered my best presentation I had ever given to a large group of colleagues. The skills I had learned from Robert allowed me to really connect with my audience and I feel that my message was clear and well received. I’d highly recommend taking any class Robert offers, he has an impactful way of delivering information that really allows you to get the most out of his class.

Rebecca Rowe, Vice President - Valuation, BlackRock
I had a very rewarding experience after attending “Communicating with Impact” workshop at EY’s Advisory Immersion training taught by Robert Chen and his colleagues from Exec|Comm. Robert’s well prepared training materials combined with his professional, yet upbeat and interactive training style have definitely kept the trainees enthusiastically engaged throughout the day. The audiences were a group of about 60 experienced new hires at EY from various reputable companies with extreme diverse backgrounds, job titles and years of experiences. There were constant nodding heads, laughters and hands in the air with questions. I highly recommend Robert’s services to organizations and individuals who are interested in developing leadership with exceptional communication skills.
Odbayar Batbold, Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young
Robert really helped me form a strategy for determining and designing the career path and lifestyle I desired. With a thoughtful and pragmatic approach, he taught me to understand and prioritize my goals and to plot out the next action steps. Robert’s own career path, experiences, and achievements are inspiring, and he is an effective motivator as well. I highly recommend retaining his services.
Micah Acoba, Advisor, Alpha Quotient
Robert is driven, thoughtful, intelligent and above all, a great listener. One thing that differentiates Robert from other life coaches I’ve met is his passion for success and his belief that any dream is possible. He has a genuine interest in what I wanted to do and helped me identify steps to reach that goal. The coaching sessions with Embrace Possibility were small, personalized workshops filled with fun and thought-provoking exercises. Robert evaluated the information and provided candid feedback and guidance on next steps.
Christine Wong, Associate Product Manager,

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