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Designs and Reads.


I help high performers find the difference that makes the difference in both their professional and personal lives.

My life’s work is to help people reach their full potential by sharing insightful strategies and teaching practical skills.

I work for Exec|Comm, a communication skills consultancy in NYC, helping leaders build authentic relationships, gain buy-in for their vision and communicate with more impact. In my spare time, I enjoy guiding successful professionals to find their true professional calling in my work with Embrace Possibility.

To be great, you have to pursue and reach mastery at what you’re called to do .

That calling comes from within you and the only way to hear it is through self reflection and introspection and taking action on what you uncover so that you can uncover more.

High performers who don’t follow their calling may do well initially but then end up living a life of mediocrity once the initial learning and novelty wears off. To have staying power to reach mastery, you need to take on functions that you are truly interested in.

In addition to finding your professional calling, it’s important to also set and attain your personal, financial and health-related goals.

With all of my engagements, I start by helping my clients gain clarity around their current situation and finding the drivers for the results they are currently experiencing.

Next, we focus on the specific outcomes my client would like to achieve. If there are skill gaps, we fill those in with experiential skill building drawing either on my expertise or those of relevant experts. If there are willingness gaps, we explore the reasons for sticking to the “less effective” habit and make a decision on whether to accept or challenge the status quo.

Throughout my sessions, I invest fully in my client’s success and remain both flexible and persistent to help my clients achieve positive results.

Clarity.   Support.   Trust.

Coaching is not about telling you what to do but about inviting you to be curious about your own experiences and to discover, clarify and align your actions with what you want to achieve. I am trained to listen, observe and customize my approach to your needs but ultimately it is your creativity and resourcefulness that will generate the solutions and strategies to move you forward.

I am responsible to keep the focus on your needs and to continuously learn new ways to shine light on your blind spots and guide you through your self-exploration. I will suggest strategies from time to time but the choice is always yours.  One of my main duties is to empower you and to keep you responsible and accountable for the commitments you make.

Everything discussed during the coaching session is strictly confidential and I promise to safeguard all your information. I firmly believe that the key to a successful coaching partnership is trust.

I’ve worked with professionals from top firms and organizations in:

Management Consulting

Investment Banking and Finance

Wealth and Asset Management

Accounting and Professional Services

Consumer Products




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I design training experiences that are:

Human Pyramid


I build training experiences that lead to sustainable behavior change by engineering insightful exercises where participants learn and practice useful skills in a context relevant to their work. Participants spend most of the session executing the skills with guided feedback and will learn how to practice the skills on their own.



I work closely with you and your stakeholders to narrow down the specific business outcomes you’re looking to accomplish and translate those outcomes to tangible skills to hone. I clarify the behaviors you can look for to assess the effectiveness of the training or coaching and build a program to achieve those outcomes.



Knowledge and understanding is not enough to yield impactful change if there is no action and no follow up. When your participants go back to work, there is a good chance that the urgent will trump the important. I build follow up into our post-program experience to ensure your participants sustain their learning.


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What my clients are saying:

I am someone who is very work driven and often thinks I know exactly what I need. Despite this, I still found the “Know What You Want” Career Workshop to be very helpful. The course was quite comprehensive and made me really slow down to reflect on who I am, my values, what was important and not important in my life. This course is a great resource for those in need of some guidance in their career paths.
Amy K., Portfolio Manager
When I attended Robert’s Know What You Want Workshop, I was still in college and feeling a bit hopeless. I did not know what I was looking
for in my career and was not doing too well in my job application
process. Through the workshop I was able to clarify and weigh the
different things I value most in my ideal career.

What I found most helpful was the 1-on-1 sessions with Rob. He helped me on many fronts from interviewing, identifying specific positions, improving weaknesses, and just overall analysis and feedback on my job search process. After college, I successfully found a job with many of the attributes that I was looking for, so I would definitely recommend Robert’s program and services.

Esther C., Investment Associate
At first, I didn’t know what to expect or what I can get out of the Know What You Want workshop. I was three years out of college, working in my 2nd job, and questioning myself if this was really it; if what I was doing and the career path I was on was right for me. The problem was that I had no idea what I wanted to do; I didn’t even know where to start. I took the workshop and felt that it really made me reflect on myself and helped me to realize how my life can be so much more fulfilling if I loved my job. Rob’s workshop also provided me with the tools and resources I needed to continue researching on how to get there. Rob is really passionate about what he does and it is apparent in his work and communication. I am very thankful and excited to be working with him on this important journey and confident that I will get there with his help.
Amy S., Equity Analyst
The knowledge I gained after attending the “Know what you want” workshop had an immense and positive affect on my overall attitude towards life. This workshop is not an infomercial promising instant results. You will gain an understanding of your values and establish a strong foundation to help you move forward in your life/career.

Since the workshop, I have used all that I learned and accomplished a whole host of goals, both personal and professional.

Major goals accomplished since the “Know what you want” workshop:
* Trained for and ran the Staten Island half marathon (health goal)
* Organized and currently running a basketball league with 36 participants (community goal)
* Hosted a “lunch and learn” at my workplace on photography (self confidence goal)

A lot of time and effort was put into this workshop to help you find your passion and bring to light the tools that are needed to be successful in whatever you choose to pursue. Robert is a true professional who takes pride in uncovering your strengths and fusing them with your passion(s).

Job S., Financial Services Consultant
Robert is a perfect coach to improve your career-related skills such as business presentation for clients. He knows how to organize your presentation and deliver your message to people. I really appreciate his work!
Hisashi A., Corporate Banker
I attended the 2 day Know What You Want career workshop and found it to be very professional/organized and thought provoking. Classes were small and interactive. If you feel a little lost or in need of some direction on your career path, this is the class for you!
Stephen C., Software Engineer